Four Netball Teams Ready For Inaugural St. George’s Tournament

Govanie Hendrikson-left and Hanella Fyfield

Sports Page—Friday 20th September 2013–Four Netball teams have already confirmed registration for the upcoming first ever St. George’s Parish tournament which caters for teams and players from the St. George’s area.

Mrs. Govanie Manners-Hendrickson of the Dynamics Sports Club, which is organizing the competition, confirmed on Thursday that the number of 3X 3 Basketball teams registered is still to be determined but up to this point, the four registered Netball teams are:

Hanley’s Road
Zion and Hickman’s
Taylor’s Pasture and areas in close proximity

The tournament which is being promoted as a family affair and one to keep the young people in the area, positively occupied, will shoot off at the Old Manor hard court on the evening of Saturday 28th September.

There will be a brief opening ceremony and this will be followed by two exhibition matches:

A Netball match featuring host team Dynamics Elite v sister club out of St.Kitts, the Coca Cola Shamrocks and in Basketball, it will be host team, Dynamics Dynasty versus Nevlec Shockers.

According to Hendrickson, registration is still open and persons to be contacted are:

Kimberly Maynard; Mandecia Chapman; Celia Powell; Jessie Browne, Hanella Fyfield and Govanie Hendrickson.

Hanella Fyfield of the Dynamics club noted that the Hickman’s and Zion Netball team is ready and promised that the spectators will be in for an exciting tournament.

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