French Singing Competition 2021

The Alliance Francaise is welcoming everyone to take part it’s French Singing Competition from June 9th to July 2nd.

Like last year’s competition, this one will be held virtually in light of the pandemic.

There are three categories of participation:

• Children: for individuals between 4 and 10 years old.
• Adolescents: for individuals between 11 and 17 years old.
• Adults: for individuals 18 years old and above.

Registration is free for all participants.

The children can choose from 3 specific songs, while 4 songs are available for the adolescents and adults categories.

Song submissions will be judged on the interpretation of the song, rhythm, and French pronunciation. The top three winners of each category will receive cash and/or food vouchers.

The finale will be held on July 14th at 7.00pm on Zoom, where the public will be able to view and vote during the final concert, if registered.

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