Fun day at Cotton Ground produces real excitement

Sports Page-Tuesday 17th September 2013– His name is Colin DUGGIN Stapleton and he hails from the historic Village of Cotton Ground. He works at the Nevis Cultural Development Foundation and is renowned for training individuals in the traditional dance of masquerade.

However, in more recent times, DUGGIN has started a Fitness gym in his home village.

‘I bought some equipment and Carlos Vanterpool gave me some more and I started this fitness gym which is open to all interested persons. I have received permission to host the fitness classes at the Cotton Ground Community Center and it has really taken off,’ he said.

The numbers have increased to such a proportion and the attendees are so enthused that DUGGIN decided to host a fun day at the Cotton Ground Playing field, featuring his gym class.

This he coordinated with fellow villagers, including Chesley FARO Davis and the activity was held on Sunday 15th September.

Despite the late start, a bumper crowd showed up to witness the event and this included spectators from across the island.

It was excitement and fun in galore. Some of the highlights included the man called PIG starting the 60 meters event at a rapid pace and then ‘pulling up’ after just about 10 meters into the race, grabbing his left leg. Even his MOM who was at the finish line was heard to say: ‘Nutten do da bwoy dey!’ Shortly after, PIG was walking around as good as ever.

The males and females tug of war, took the cake. Those events created the most fun and hilarity. Everyone was truly entertained.

The events of the day included: The march past which was won by Green house and the bicycle race which featured the youngsters graduating from the ‘bikes not bombs’ program coordinated by the Community Services Department.

There were also the customary races such as the 60 meters; 80 meters; 100 meters; 200 meters; 400 meters; 4X100 meters and the tug of war.

The female tug of war was won by blue house and the male tug of war was won by Green house.

At the end of the evening, the final points tally saw:

Green house 61 points—champions
Blue house—50 points—2nd place
Red House— 35 points–3rd place

DUGGIN is hinting towards the event becoming an annual affair and thanked his gym class and the general public for their tremendous support.

‘It went way beyond my expectations,’ he stated.

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