G.P.O. Gives Back to Customers, Launches New U.S. Mailbox Services

(ZIZ News) – Friday October 9th was observed as Customer Appreciation Day at post offices in St. Kitts and Nevis, in commemoration of World Post Day.

Nicole Agard of the General Post Office here in St. Kitts, said World Post Day provides an opportunity for them to remind residents of the important role post offices continue to play, even in this technological age.

She said, “On this day, post offices take the opportunity to kind of spread awareness about what we do here at the post office. Most people are not familiar with some of the activities or some of the products and services that we offer. Most people know that we sell stamps and that’s basically it so this is really an opportunity for us to spread awareness about the post office and some of the things that we do and also to remind persons that the post office still plays a key role in the transferring of goods and information worldwide.”

The General Post Office used Friday’s celebrations to officially launch its new G.P.O. PAC (Package and Cargo) service.

“Some of differences or some of the efficiencies at the post office that we offer as part of the service includes the fact that we can do re-packs and consolidations,” said Agard, who is spearheading the new service.

“So this is a real important thing for customers and we have heard the need and this is something we have stepped up to the plate and provide. Sometimes customers order 4 or 5 packages and rather than having to pay freight on each package individually, we can re-pack them for the customer whereby when the customer comes in its less charges, less money for the customer to pay and they pay the freight on one package,” Agard added.

She believes the launch was well received as dozens of residents signed up for the new service.

“We had a wonderful turnout. We had lots of customers who have signed up already and today, we have hundreds of customers who are just coming in through the door and asking. Some persons were not aware of the service before so they are glad that it’s actually on board now. Some people are saying that it’s high time; it’s about time and finally it is here,” Agard continued.

Customers can look forward to quick and efficient service as an officer of Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise Department is based full time at the General Post Office.

World Post Day is celebrated each year on October 09, which is the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union.

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