Geothermal Exploration Underway

(ZIZ News) — A team from Teranov Exploration Consultants is in the Federation working with the Government in the pursuit of Geothermal Energy sources on St. Kitts.

On Tuesday, the team met with Minister of Energy, the Hon. Ian Liburd, and SKELEC officials to update them on the progress.

Minister Liburd said although the findings are preliminary, the results are positive. He outlined the timetable of the upcoming phases.

“By the end of December, we expect to complete the surface studies which would take us into the next step. By March, we anticipate we’ll try to establish our drilling targets to determine our exploration wells,” he said.

President of Teranov, Jacques Chouraki said their plan envisions a completed Geothermal Plant by 2020 with hopes of starting “exploration drilling by the second semester of 2016.”

“This was bring us to about 2017 where we will be able to do basic design for our power plant, negotiate PPA, all those types of studies, rate interconnection, all those kinds of things. That can hopefully bring us to power plant plant building by 2018 and 2019 in order to get connected to the grid in 2020,” he said.

According to the firm’s website, Teranov is a French engineering and services company for new and renewable energy, dedicated towards high enthalpy Geothermal energy development in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

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