Global Faith Alliance Hosts 5th Annual Training Workshop

(ZIZ News) — Global Faith Alliance in partnership with the Ministry Of Health is hosting its fifth annual Basic Life Support Training for the local medical staff.

The sessions have been held at the Joseph N. France General Hospital and included health care workers from across the country.

Nurse Manager with responsibility for Ambulatory Services, Danielle Wiggins said the 3-day workshop is beneficial for training and certification in basic skills, stating, “As emergency care providers, it’s important that we keep abreast of our CPR and Basic Life Support (BLS) and so annually Global Faith Alliance has a partnership with the Ministry Of Health and they visit and help up with certification of our staff.”

Nurse Wiggins said the annual workshop is highly anticipated by both sides as they are eager to learn from each other.

“Response has normally been great. We look forward to them coming. We look forward to them sharing with us and they look forward to us sharing with them because it’s not only us receiving, it’s them receiving from us as well,” she said.

One of the facilitators of the workshop, Dr. Edna Gordon said she was impressed with the knowledge base of the medical staff, stating the training is more of a refresher course.

“The knowledge base is quite solid. I think more than anything i have been learning more from the staff here than anything else but in general. It’s been very refreshing. Most of these people are up to speed with technology and the changing world of medicine so it’s been more of a refresher course if anything,” he said.

The Global Faith Alliance has served a dual purpose while here in St. Kitts as they not only carry out a Health Ministry but a Gospel Ministry as well, visiting churches across the island.

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