Government Committed to Good Governance Agenda

(ZIZ News) — Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris says his government remains committed to the good governance agenda that was set out in the Team UNITY Manifesto, leading up to the 2015 general elections.

Speaking recently on ZIZ Radio, Prime Minister Harris said among the features of the good governance agenda is the Integrity in Public Life Bill.

“The good governance agenda, to which we are committed, does in fact include the passage of the Integrity in Public Life [Bill]. We are committed to that and we will do that. It does include reference to term limits to the holder of the office of the Prime Minister and we are committed to deliver on that and it does in fact include freedom of information. We have already taken the first step in that matter by putting a piece of legislation to the parliament and making it available for public scrutiny and input. So we are moving in the right direction,” he explained.

Dr. Harris said his team is looking at legislations used in neighbouring islands as it relates to implementing term limits for the post of Prime Minister.

“We have been looking at legislation to do with term limits. There was one passed in Trinidad and Tobago that is before the Attorney-General. Indeed 92 states have term limits including, interestingly, Cuba, where they have committed themselves to two terms. In Guyana, it has worked very well where the President is limited to two terms. I think each term there is about six years. And I personally am looking forward to our delivering on that commitment shortly,” the Prime Minister said adding that his administration is also committed to electoral reform.

He said that by next year, the government will be able to move forward with those pieces of legislation “that fall under the rubric of the good governance agenda”.

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