Government of St. Kitts and Nevis Gazettes to Move Online Following Parliamentary Approval

Basseterre, St. Kitts, February 08, 2023 (SKNIS): The passage of the Official Gazette Bill, 2023, in the National Assembly of St. Kitts and Nevis was fully endorsed by Senator the Honourable Isalean Phillip, who noted that digitizing the document is important to enhancing public access and promoting transparency.

The Bill was debated and passed in the Federal Parliament on February 08, 2023. Senator and Attorney General, the Honourable Garth Wilkin, piloted the Bill, explaining that the Gazette is an official government publication that lists the actions and decisions of the government. It is also a source of information on various matters emanating from the public and private sectors.

Senator Phillip, who serves as the Junior Minister of Youth Empowerment in the Federal Cabinet, said that placing the Official Gazette online provides young people with the ability to access important decisions of the government.

“Having the Gazette online, modernizing it, ensuring that its access is more widespread through the availability of publications and online platforms such as the website … will ensure that we are no longer behind the times when it comes to the way we communicate and the way that we ensure there is access to government information for the transparency and good governance that we talk about,” Honourable Phillip stated.

It was also listed as part of the administration’s e-government strategy, which enhances online service availability. Another benefit touted was the environmental impact as the government pushes forward with creating a sustainable island state.

“… When you use less paper, you save more trees, and we need the trees Madame Speaker to heal the ozone layer, so this Bill is also good for the environment,” the senator expressed.

The Official Gazette Bill, 2023, was passed without objection. The Gazette will be accessible via

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