Government Supports Stem Cell Research in St. Kitts

Peter Nygard
Peter Nygard

(ZIZ News) – The St. Kitts Biomedical Research Foundation and its partners continue to make significant strides in stem cell research.

Ongoing work in the field was revealed during a press conference following the Foundation’s strategy conference on ‘Reverse Aging Treatments’. It was held at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort in the presence of several international scientists and stem cell research experts.

Chairman of Nygard International, Peter Nygard explained the importance of undertaking the research in the Federation.

He said, “It’s been discovered many, many years ago but lately has gained some major momentum. Everybody in the world is after this type of therapy and this type of clinic that we are undertaking over here. For St. Kitts, this represents a major, major breakthrough and indeed it would be one of the unique facilities in the world that would house the high end part of this medicine.”

Dr. Aubrey de Grey
Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, said St. Kitts and Nevis is the perfect country for the advancement of stem cell research.

“Aging is a very complicated process. It consists of the accumulation of many different types of damages in the body and stem cell therapies will not fix all of those types of damage but they will fix quite a number of them. And the ones that will not be fixed also need to be taken forward in order to deliver this goal, this dream of comprehensive medical control of aging. The progress in those areas is also proceeding very encouragingly at the moment,” Dr. de Grey stated.

“So I believe that Mr. Nygard has chosen an extremely good time to get so involved in all of this and of course he’s also chosen an extremely good place in St. Kitts to focus this effort given the enthusiasm and interest that this island has demonstrated both scientifically and politically,” the doctor added.

Nygard also noted that the local government had been very supportive of the project.

“The idea of what we’ve got over here is second to none under circumstances and I want to thank also the Government of St. Kitts and the new government, particularly now as far as their contribution and their endorsement and their welcoming this whole team over here. They have been a most welcoming group and their support has been invaluable and their continued support is going to be invaluable,” he said.

The group also revealed plans for the establishment of a stem cell research and treatment center in St. Kitts in the near future.

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