Grand Drough Tournament Upcoming

KeithScarboroughFilePhotoBSports Page — Acting President of the Nevis Drough Association, Keith Scarborough, has revealed that there will be a major local Drough tournament towards the end of this month.

According to Scarborough, the competition will be held at the NEPAC courtyard on Saturday January 31st starting at 2pm.

A registration fee will be collected from each player which will go towards the purchase of the championship trophy which will be named in honour of the late Desmond Tyson and will be officially dubbed: ‘The Desmond Tyson Drough Championship trophy.’

The rules of the competition are as follows:

Each player will play the best of three games against all other opponents with the top four players winning the most games, participating in the semi finals in the best of five games.

First place will play fourth place and second place will play 3rd place.

The finals will be the best of seven games between the top two semi finalists.

The semi finals and finals have been slated for Saturday 7th February at the same venue.

The registration deadline is Saturday 24th January.

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