Green Valley Committee praised for its role in promoting community development through culture

ZIZ NEWS…Friday 21 May – The opening of the Green Valley Festival took place last night, and the organisers were praised for their efforts in promoting community development through culture. The Green Valley Committee has received high commendation as they have demonstrated over the past 14 years of the Festival how a community can come together through cultural activities. Attendees last night were treated to singing performances and the annual Queen Show.

The Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Number Eight, the Hon Eugene Hamilton, praised the Green Valley Organising Committee for continuing to organise the Festival.

Praise for the Green Valley Organising Committee also came from the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, Miss Sharon Rattan.

Miss Rattan also called on young people to know their history and to realise that they can get a better sense of their past and their future by participating in cultural events such as the Green Valley Festival.

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