GSS Cross Country Events

For one moment, it looked more like a Trinidad Mas camp all set for carnival than a sporting event. However, the reality was that the Gingerland Secondary School was hosting its annual cross country events on Tuesday 11th February and that had brought out the creative nature of some of the children.

Some of them were attired in colourful costumes; various colours of socks; painted faces complete with pom-poms.

The junior boys and girls races were run during the morning and the seniors had their moment in the sun, during the afternoon.

A sizeable crowd of supportive family members and friends lined the streets to witness the athletes in action.

The juniors started at the school’s gate and headed through HardTimes and Rawlins and exited through Old Manor, back onto the main road and back to the school.

The seniors ran a similar route except for exiting through Zetlands.

The top ten placers in each event were as follows:

Junior Girls

Shadoni Liburd-Red

Allyah Samsun-Blue

Saskia Mills—Red

Chelcia Burke-Blue

Tangela Dunrod-Blue

Delcia Burke—Green

Dawvel Challenger—Green

Alishu Bartlette-Blue

Jeniesy Dore—Green

Sharica Merchant—Green

Junior Boys-Record held by Thynel Martin-16:05

Leroy Chapman –Red-17:24

Javari Kelly-Red

Kelvis Baker-Blue

Zario Chumney –Green

Andre Arthurton—Blue

Udel Griffin—Blue

Tajare Arthurton—Blue

Keju- Green



Senior girls

Jamyra Woods—Green


Gavincia Lawrence—Green

Talia Rawlins—Red

Nameida Lake—Green

Anneka Ferguson—Green

Shamoy Samuel-Green

Denecia Rawlins—Blue

Ashiema Rawlins—Red

Derecia Liburd—Blue

Senior Boys-record held by Thynel Martin—19:15

Troy Freeman—Green—20:10

Deondre Somersall-Blue

Jaleel Huggins—Green

Kuygano Hamilton—Blue

Cyrelle Mills—Red

Sheldon Browne—Blue

Xavier Sam—Green

Kayode Wilkinson—Red

Jamie Chapman—Blue

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