Hector Dismisses Claims that he is representing Tempo

RobeltoHector-2(ZIZ News) — Attorney-at- law, the Hon. Robelto Hector, has dismissed claims that he is representing Tempo Networks in the legal matter between Tempo and the Nevis Island Administration.

On October 19th, Nevis’ Tourism Minister The Hon. Mark Brantley posted to the social networking site Facebook that Tempo Networks is claiming US$750,000 from the NIA.

He wrote, “This CCM-led Nevis Island Administration continues to be besieged with a steady stream of effluent caused by the atrocious decisions made by the previous NRP-led NIA. Yesterday I was served with a lawsuit by Tempo Networks. Tempo filed suit in New Jersey claiming from the poor taxpayers of Nevis some US$750,000.”

Brantley continued, listing Hector as Tempo’s local representative.

He wrote, “The local agent for Tempo’s US-based lawyers is none other than former NRP Minister the Honourable Elhansville Robelto Hector trading as Oualie Attorneys, a firm formerly owned by him and Honourable Patrice Nisbett.”

Hector however, told attendees to a recent town hall meeting that he was not representing Tempo Networks in the matter.

“As soon as he said that I was representing Tempo, I had people texting me and asking me if I’m representing Tempo. Ladies and gentlemen, I am not representing Tempo. Frederick Morton of Tempo has simply asked me to see to it that the government was served with the papers for the court case. So I called John Arthurton as I was instructed to, to serve it on Mark Brantley and Colin Tyrell,” he said.

Brantley and Hector, will oppose each other in the upcoming Federal Elections for Nevis 9.

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