Help For The Spanish Community

IanLiburd-1(ZIZ News) — Parliamentary representative for Constituency #1, the Hon. Ian “Patches” Liburd says one of his main priorities for the area is to address the needs of the local Spanish community.

He told ZIZ News that there are several issues that need to be addressed; among them is discrimination.

“When we look at the hospitals for example, they pay a different set of fees and one of the things that we are gonna ensure is to make certain that when they go to the hospitals they pay the same fees that the locals pay. That is one thing that we are gonna make certain that we put into place very quickly,” he said.

Minister Liburd said he also plans to tackle the Spanish community’s housing needs.

“You see the conditions under which the Spanish community lives here, it’s saddening at times. And we have proposals we’re gonna put forward to Cabinet to ensure that we integrate them into the community. They get housing allocation they ought to get as any other citizen of this country,” he said.

He said government will also look at fast tracking the citizenship process for undocumented members of the Spanish community who have been living here for an extended period of time.

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