Helping a Mother in Need

(ZIZ News) – A new travel business is giving back to the community by helping a mother in need.

Jahdira Alexander of Shadwell Gardens is currently in Barbados seeking medical attention for her one year old child, Tu-mani, who is suffering from a swelling in the brain.

Paycation Travel recently came to her assistance, raising funds for her travel and accommodation.

Nijoe Farrell, Team Leader of Paycation St. Kitts, explained their decision to help.

He said, “The Paycation opportunity allows for just that, for us to be able to impact people’s lives in a positive way, to empower them by giving them a chance to be a part of an opportunity that allows it. So we felt that in that effort of improving people’s lives, changing people’s lives, that we can be able to do just that, get involved when that time comes. We felt that part of our mission as an organisation that’s being developed currently is to help and we felt the need to just do it.”

Farrell said they intend to get involved in other community events in the future.

“We are currently looking at other community based projects, especially with education and also with youth that we can get involved with. And we’re hoping to make an impact with that within the next six months to a year. Because as the team grows, the impact is increased and the potential to contribute is there as well,” he noted.

Paycation St. Kitts teamed up with partner agencies in Barbados, the U.S. and the U.K. to raise about US$10,000 to assist Miss Alexander in her expenses.

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