High Court ruling vindicates January 25th 2010 General Elections, verdict a ‘complete humiliation’ for PAM leader, Lindsay Grant, says Anthony

Mr. Sylvester Anthony, Mr. Andraunauth Gossai, Dr. Henry Browne and Hon. Glenn Phillip (photo by Erasmus Williams)

ST. KITTS, NOVEMBER 5, 2010 (CUOPM) – Thursday’s High Court Judgement completely rejecting the election petition of Political Leader of the People’s Action Movement (PAM), Mr. Lindsay Grant “is a complete humiliation for Mr. Grant.”

So says Counsel for the Supervisor of Elections, Mr. Sylvester Anthony following the ruling by British Virgin Islands High Court Judge, Her Ladyship Indra Hariprashard-Charles via teleconference. The 47-page ruling is to be sent electronically to the Registrar of the High Court in St. Kitts by mid-afternoon.

Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports, Information, Technology, Telecommunications and Posts, Hon. Glen Phillip, whose election as Parliamentary Representative for St. Christopher 4, was challenged by Mr. Grant said he is “completely vindicated” following the decision of the High Court Judge.

“As a first time candidate who competed in the last general election, I feel completely vindicated of what transpired here this morning,” said Mr. Phillip, the Parliamentary Representative for the area stretching from Challengers to New Guinea.

He said his task now “is to continue to serve the people of Constituency 4 and the Nation as a whole and that is what I intend to do.”

“The decision is a complete vindication of the electoral process that resulted in the election victory of Minister Phillip. It was a humiliating defeat for Mr. Grant. The judgement is a complete vindication. Every single allegation in the petition was dismissed. Every single point. We had said there was nothing in the petition and the judge agreed with us that there was absolutely nothing in the petition,” said Mr. Anthony.

Mr. Phillip’s Counsel, Dr. Henry Stugumber Browne said his client Ministr Phillip “has been completely vindicated.”

“All along we said that there was nothing wrong with the electoral process on that day and now the allegation against the Minister (Phillip), Prime Minister (Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas); the allegation against prominent members of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party have all turned out to be false,” said Dr. Browne.

He said he was happy with the judgement.

“The Minister has absolutely no cloud hanging over the integrity of the electoral process under which he was truly elected and we are quite happy,” said Dr. Browne.

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