Hodge: UVI Has Endless Opportunities

(ZIZ News) – President of the St. Kitts Chapter of the University of the Virgin Islands Alumni Association, St. Clair Hodge says UVI has endless opportunities.

He said, “With UVI, it is a unique feel because you’re in the Caribbean, you’re with your Caribbean peers but you still have that exposure and that reach to the U.S. And what that did for me was it got me in touch with so much persons professionally that I have a lot of friends that if I need things done as a favor, I can reach out certain places and have that favour done without having to any remorse or having to know that we begged.”

Hodge said his involvement in almost every aspect of university life included student senator, Vice President of the Student Government Association, President of the Marketing Club, Resident Assistant and President of the St. Kitts-Nevis Association on campus.

“Now all of that came with some benefits. I met some good people not just at UVI; we traveled all over the place. We went to Washington, we traveled to Florida for various events and we met people from all over the world. We even met some people in New York. I went to a Thurgood Marshall Conference and I met some of those Fortune 500 CEOs and they were offering us interviews,” he explained. Hodge said such opportunities can expand a person’s horizon.

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