Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris concerned about upsurge in Violent Crimes

(ZIZ News) — Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris has expressed concern and sadness over the apparent upsurge in violent crimes over the past weeks.

In a press release from opposition coalition, Team UNITY, Harris pointed to the murder of Kevin Newman on Saturday and shooting in Newtown Monday which left one person hospitalized, calling the incidents the tragedy of violence.

Dr. Harris also expressed condolences to the families whose loved ones had been victims of the recent crimes.

Harris said while he believed there should be a zero tolerance policy toward crime, those in leadership positions must design and implement policies to steer young people along a positive path.

Dr. Harris added that the iron fist of law enforcement has to be encased in the velvet glove of opportunity if efforts to thwart crime and reach those at risk of falling prey to it are to be successful.

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