Hon. Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis Says Much to Be Thankful in 2020 New Year’s Message

By: Chaïra Flanders

Premier of Nevis, Hon. Mark Brantley says there is much to be thankful for as a people as we usher in a New Year.

He was at the time delivering his New Year’s Day address to the nation on Wednesday , noting that we are fortunate to have been spared from devastating storms in 2019.

Brantley said, “Far too often we take for granted the very things for which we should be thankful.  As we usher in the new year, we must be thankful to God for sparing us the ravages of any natural disasters during the year that has passed. We should not take for granted the calm, peace and tranquility that now pervades our island.”

Mr. Brantley also said that 2019 was a year of great accomplishments for our people despite the many challenges faced and explained that his government will do all in its power to improve political culture, promote inclusiveness and discarding toxic politics in this New Year.

He shared some of the areas where the public can expect improvement.

He said, “I pledge today that in the year ahead: We shall continue to improve upon all of the gains that we have made over the years. We shall continue to provide greater social protection for our people, especially our children, our elderly and women.We shall continue to offer scholarships and assistance for our youth to develop and qualify themselves.We shall continue to offer skills training and seed financing for our youth and our women to convert their ideas and energies into economic enterprises. As a caring and people-centred government, we shall continue to improve upon our education system and health care, and provide affordable housing for all.”

Premier Brantley then wished all a Happy New Year, good health, happiness and prosperity in 2020.

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