Household Registry Reveals Crucial Information

(ZIZ News) – The information collected through the National Household Registry is expected to improve the efficiency of other services provided by the Ministry of Social Development.

Director of Social Development, Azilla Clarke told ZIZ News that through the survey, they now have a better idea of the specific needs of various families and from there, they can determine which social assistance programs are most needed.

“With the information we capture by households, we will get an insight into what their additional needs are,” Clarke stated. “We’re predominantly hearing housing, but there may some educational needs in that there may be family members that may not have graduated with the required minimum passes. I believe what we are indicating as the indicator is five CXC passes. So we’ll be able to see households that are disadvantaged by that. The unemployment situation; getting a handle, an actual count on that so that the next active labour market activity that will occur in St. Kitts can be targetted to them,” she added.

She said the registry will also reveal an accurate number of abandoned buildings in each community so the department can work with other agencies to find solutions.

“We want to get a forum whereby the general public can make recommendations then we want to investigate them with partners that have that responsibility. Because what we may be seeing as abandoned may be property owned and maintained by somebody, as in taxes, but not physically maintained as in brushes and therefore forming a danger for security in the community and also being an eyesore for the property next door,” Clarke said.

The department is currently visiting homes in the most vulnerable areas of each community to collect information on the needs of each household.

That exercise ends on June 27th but the department is inviting anyone who wants to take advantage of its programs afterwards, to register at the office on Victoria Road.

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