Hubert Hughes is once again at the helm of Government in Anguilla

Hubert Hughes

ZIZ News…February 16, 2010 – The Anguilla United Movement led by a former Chief Minister Hubert Hughes is again at the helm of government in neighbouring Anguilla following general elections there yesterday.

When counting of the ballots ended after two o’clock this morning the AUM won four of the seven seats in the National Parliament thus forming the next government of the British territory.

Two of the remaining three seats went to the Anguilla United Front led by former Finance Minister Victor Banks and the other seat to the fairly new Anguilla Progressive Party.

According to reports there was a very high voter turn out in all of the constituencies but there are some concerns that were aired by voters and officials alike. One of the concerns by the electoral officials is the updating of the electoral process by implementing voter identification cards which will allow for voting to be much faster on polling day.

From all reports voting went very smoothly and there were no reports of any major incidents on polling day. Today is a public holiday in Anguilla in celebration of the election victory by Chief Minister Hubert Hughes and his Anguilla United Movement.

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