Hundreds Participate in Annual Youth Month March and Rally

The Department of Youth Empowerment continued its youth month activities with a march and rally on Friday.

Hundreds of students from the various primary and secondary schools across the federation were seen marching through the streets of Basseterre on Friday during the annual youth month March.

The March began at Greenland’s, continued onto Cayon Street and made its way down to West Independence Square Street. The March was immediately followed by a rally in the Independence Square.

During the rally, Minister of Youth, Hon. Shawn Richards spoke with the many young persons and said that the youth march and really helps to heighten awareness of the importance of young people in our federation.

He said “as a society, are to ensure that our young persons are given all of the opportunities and resources so that we can develop their full potential”.

Several drumming presentations were performed by various youth organizations.

Members of various youth groups, community organizations and the youth volunteer corps were also in attendance at the event. Youth month is celebrated annually in November.

This year activities are being held under the theme, “Preserving our Land of Beauty’.

The events are scheduled to wrap up with a youth service reception on Thursday, December 6.

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