Hurricane Shelter Assessment Extended

(ZIZ News) — Hurricane shelter assessment has been extended to several health institutions, specifically the health centres.

Honourable Wendy Phipps said in the event of a disaster, those places would be first in line to give immediate care.

The minister and Telca Wallace, NEMA’s Districts Coordinator, visited all of the districts to assess the level of preparedness in both primary and secondary shelters.

In the meantime, Wallace encouraged persons who may need the safety of a shelter to first consider a buddy system.

“If you feel that your home is not secure, then you look for a family or friend that will host you until after the event has passed. So the emergency shelter is in the event that you do not have any place to go,” she said.

The names of the shelters will be announced periodically on ZIZ Radio 96.1FM.

Here is a comprehensive list of the shelters.

NEMA’s districts are same as the electoral boundaries.

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