ILO addresses over-arching priorities of the OECS

ZIZ News…May 14, 2010 – The OECS body is soon to constitute and consolidate itself into an economic union; where the free movement of workers would be an issue.

The reality of the situation was vocalized by the Director of the International Labour Organization Sub-Regional Office for the Caribbean, Dr Ana Teresa Romero. The doctor noted however, that the development of a ‘Decent Work Country Programme’ would address any ensuing problems.

Yesterday, Dr Romero concluded a workshop on developing a country work programme as part of the sub-regional project for the OECS.

She says the work programme focuses on four main areas. One such area is the labour market information system. She says many have seen the significance of the system and the OECS heads are currently attempting to harmonize the information systems in the sub-region.

The OECS constituents also identified another area for focus; the issue of HIV/AIDS in the work place.

During the workshop, participants also deliberated on tri-partism and social dialogue as well as modernizing national labour legislations.

The implementation of the ‘Decent Work Country Programme’ will see labourers reaping the benefits of better working conditions, fundamental principles and rights at work.

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