Improving Lives Through Dance Therapy

The Sandy Point Benevolent Society (SPBS) celebrates one of a kind mentoring from its Member at Large, Miss Stacey Greene. Stacey first collaborated with SPBS at their 2013 Easter Breakfast. Since then, she has been a fixture at all SPBS events and lends her skills as a Web Designer. Most importantly she is putting her talents as a dancer to mentor others across out twin nation.

Imagine a community of students taking action toward their dreams, living happier lives and impacting others. In this world, people are so fulfilled. They reach out and positively contribute to the lives of others. This is the world Stacey Greene is seeking to see become a reality with her platform: Dance Your Dance, Improving Lives Through Dance Therapy.

The Kittitian Beauty Queen recently visited several schools in the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis with a view to bringing awareness to her platform of dance therapy.

Greene, who is representing the federation in the Miss International Pageant which takes place this summer in Jacksonville, Florida saw a valuable opportunity to interact with the students of the federation. This included students from the Dr. William Connor Primary School, Cayon Primary and High Schools, the Mac Knight Pre-School and the Charles E. Mills Secondary School.

During these visits, Greene explained the importance of developing a strong self-worth and demonstrated how through dance and dance therapy, confidence can be developed. Greene used the opportunity to explain to students how a career can be created through the field of dance therapy. The happy and thankful students eagerly asked questions, sang and even danced along with her. Many asked Greene to return in the near future which she graciously agreed to do.

Additionally, Greene held an all day dance therapy awareness workshop at the Cayon Community Center on Saturday April 26th, 2014. The workshop catered to 21 students including one male who was extremely eager to explore different dance genres such as Afro Caribbean, Modern-Jazz and Ballet. The purpose of the workshop was to create an awareness of how dance and dance therapy can build confidence, and stimulate creativity towards living happier, healthier lives.

“The healing potential of dance is powerful, especially for our youth. In fact, research proves that dance is a great stress reliever, helping to promote positive behavior and encourages self-expression. Dance teaches our youth discipline, patience, appreciation, adaptation, control and drive. Every individual, especially children, should have the opportunity to experience this amazing art form which possesses such healing potential,” said Greene.

”My dream is to continue to inspire and enrich lives through dance and movement. There are many individuals including, but not limited to, Miss Julie Martin, Heidi Slack and Sharon Rattan – who helped to shape my dance life. I wish to thank you along with every individual who has inspired and encouraged me to become the individual I am today.”

Going one step further in cementing her mission of bringing dance and dance therapy awareness to more individuals, Greene provided assistance to Miss Leburnah Liburd in the creation and Launch of Demure Diamonds Dance Program, a new dance initiative in the Cayon Community – a program that will serve to bring formal dance training to children ages 7-17 who previously did not have the opportunity to do so.

Stacey Greene is on a pilgrimage to enrich the lives of the young and the young at heart. Hers is a lifetime mission and the work is extremely rewarding. She is dancing her dance so join her and dance your dance.

Three cheers for dance and dance therapy!

SPBS is a proud sponsor of Miss Stacey Greene in her drive to represent the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis at the Miss International Pageant competition which takes place this summer in Jacksonville, Florida.

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