Industrial Site Pre School Re-opened

The remodelled and refurbished Industrial Site Day Care Centre was officially reopened late last week.

At a ceremony on Thursday engineer at the Public Works Department, Livingston Pemberton told listed the new upgrades including a new roof with raised ceilings; strengthened beams and additional columns; modern kitchen and bathing facilities; air-conditioned dining room; and as a state of the art kitchen.

Current Ag. Director of Early Childhood Development Rosalind Warner highlighted the significance of the building in keeping with the mission and vision of the Early Childhood Development Unit to holistically develop youth for life-long-learning.

Minister of Education Hon. Shawn K Richards said much strategic thought had been put into the project. He noted that enhancements were not only structural but also educational in nature.

The minister added that his government and ministry are aware of the needs of the working population who parent these children at the industrial site day care centre and their significant contribution to the federation’s economy.

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