Inland Revenue Week 2014

SKNInlandRevenueDept-1(ZIZ News) – Inland Revenue Week 2014 is being celebrated under the theme “Creating an Alliance for Greater Tax Compliance.”

Senior Tax Inspector, Sonia Boddie said her department will use the week to give back to taxpayers and build comradery within its offices.

She said, “At the Inland Revenue Department we want to say thank you to everyone who have been contributing and we look forward to really serving you and to improve our quality of service as we go by day to day.”

Inland Revenue Week began on Sunday, October 19th and continued Monday. Boddie gave an overview of the activities on those days.

“We started our week with a church service at the Rivers of Living Waters Church and we had an excellent service. We were truly blessed. Today, Monday we are celebrating Customer Appreciation Day so we were able to reward our four winners who would have paid their property taxes on time with dell venue tablets.”

As part of the customer appreciation exercise, the first 100 persons who made payments to the Inland Revenue Department, received tokens of appreciation.

The activities continue on Wednesday.

“On Wednesday, we’ll be celebrating Senior Citizens Appreciation Day and we will be giving food hampers to 27 senior citizens around the federation; that is three persons from each parish. We’ll also be celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Day on Wednesday. So on Wednesday, we are encouraging staff to wear pink and we’re going to decorate our office in pink and we’re going to be distributing information about breast cancer and the importance of doing your breast self examinations and asking questions about it.”

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