Inspiring Children’s Future

DebraMatthewHeadshotA(ZIZ News)– The Department of Probation and Child Protection is teaming up with local businesses, this week, for an inspirational event for children.

As part of activities to mark Universal Children’s Day on Thursday, senior business officials will be taking children to lunch. That exercise will be followed by company tours.

Department Director Debra Matthew, said the event is intended to inspire the children to achieve their career goals.

“So the attachment to workplace is for them to see an environment where they have probably never dreamt that they’d be in as a child. But it’s for them to start dreaming and start to see their potential and for that person to encourage them and say ‘you can be what you want to be’,” she said.

She added that the community needs to get involved in ensuring the safety of the nation’s children.

“Besides reporting, you need to be involved; as in becoming that mentor, that foster parent, that neighbour who will keep an eye on the children in the neighbourhood. So we need everyone to be a part of just keeping our children safe,” she said.

Other activities to mark Universal Children’s Day include visits to schools, a march and public awareness messages on local radio stations.

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