International Attorney and Citizenship Consultant Praises Local Government’s Approach to CBI Program

(ZIZ News) – An International Attorney and Citizenship Consultant is praising the local government for its approach to the country’s Citizenship by Investment [CBI] Program.

Thursday’s National CBI Consultation hit airwaves across the federation and on Friday, Group Managing Director and Senior Legal Advisor for CS Global Partners, Micha-Rose Emmett, described it as a great step by the local government.

“I applaud the government for taking the initiative to set up the consultation because I think communication is very important and everybody who’s part of this process, every stakeholder and that includes government, real estate developers, service providers, immigration agents, international agents and the people of St. Kitts and Nevis need to understand the process, they need to understand what it’s about,” Emmett stated.

She has called on stakeholders who stand to benefit from the CBI Program to forge partnerships with the local government. She said such partnerships are necessary if the program is to be improved.

“Like anything good in life, sometimes they’re stumbling blocks and it’s about getting up and finding out what the best way forward is,” she noted.

“The new government has come in and they’re committed to the economic development of St. Kitts and Nevis and they understand how important this program is for the government and for the country and for its people, so all stakeholders need to work together in order to show the longevity, sustainability and success of this great program,” she added.

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