IUHS – Empowering through technology

DeforrestBordersIIIAZIZ News — The International University of Health Sciences wants to extend its empowerment activities beyond the medical community.

IUHS CEO Deforrest Borders III says there is a great opportunity for Caribbean youth to explore career possibilities in various technological fields.

“The typical 16 to 25 youth in say New York, Chicago, London, Hong Kong, etc… they’re participating in what I like to call ‘The innovation economy’ and I see a real opportunity for that here,” he said.

He says the university wants to offer courses in web design and creation.

“What we would like to do and what we’re thinking about is how we can provide, free of charge, coding. So that we’ll take students from being able to code very basic html, CSSPHP website customization to web application to apps to actually being able to code,” he said.

IUHS will work with technology firms and non-profit agencies that will provide the curriculum.

Borders said the coding courses will come on stream following discussions with these partners.

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