J.N.F. to be digitalised

(ZIZ)– The Ministry of Health continues to improve the services at health institutions on St. Kitts, particularly the Joseph N. France General Hospital.

Miinister of Health, the Hon. Marcella Liburd, during a radio interview on Wednesday morning spoke of plans to establish a hospital information system.

“We’re actually going totally digital up at the hospital,” she said.   “That has been going on for some time and again, I want to thank the Taiwanese and also Minister Glenn Ghost Phillip because his Department Of Technology would be involved in this. We have already completed Phase One which includes things like registration assessment, the billing and collections, those things are already digitalised. We’re in the process of doing Phase Two so what is going to happen before this year is out, you go to the hospital, you get what is called a registration card and so when you go up now, you just swipe.”

Liburd then discussed the benefits to be derived from the new system.

“So it will reduce all those long lines that you see when people have to use the labs and so on…everything will come up one time. And if you reduce the lines of course you will be able to produce much better service, you’ll be able to be much more efficient and so you can see that throughout our whole system, we’ll be going digital,” she said.

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