Jamaican Lawyer and Activist to present lecture in Nevis on Reparations

ZIZ News…Feb 22, 2012 — Lawyer and Activist Michael Lorne from Jamaica will lead a discussion about reparations at the Red Cross Building in Nevis next week Monday February 27.

Presently Practicing Law in Jamaica Mr. Lorne brought the first case to court – The Kirk Johnson Case, which was successful, in allowing Rastafarian children to go to school with their Dreadlocks (1983). Brought Claim for Reparations against the Queen of England and the British Government in 2005.

The case was tried and dismissed in Jamaican Courts. Presently he has more than 30 Law Suites or legal matters against the Attorney General, the Legal arm of the Government for False Imprisonment, Malicious Prosecution, Assault etc, committed upon poor citizens by the police and other servants or agents of the state.

According to his Biography “Our Chambers have more cases against the state, than any other Law Firm”. He is President of the Marcus Garvey Peoples Political Party 2002-2011. General Secretary of the Marcus Garvey Peoples Political Party 2011- , Radio Broadcaster on Irie F.M – “Africa the Motherland” 1995-1998, Presently do Radio Programme on BESS FM Every Wednesday 6pm – 10pm – “Bitter Sugar”. Founder and Owner of Headstart Book Store – Presently the only Black Book Store in Jamaica – Founded in 1990. Founder and Owner of Headstart Printing and Publishing Company, and Miguel Lorne Printing and Publishing Company.

Founded in 1991, so far they have printed and publish more than 100 titles.

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