JNF staff attends leadership seminar

(ZIZ)– Staff members of the Joseph N. France General Hospital received some tips of how to better leaders.

A successful entrepreneur and missionary from Wichita Falls, Texas concluded a two-day leadership seminar at the hospital on Tuesday.

Seminar facilitator, Bobby Albert says he wanted to the participants that there is a big difference between managing and leadership.

“There is a distinct difference between leadership and managing. Leadership is about relationships, it’s about people; managing is more about the things of the business, the results of the business and those kinds of things like that,” he said.

He also spoke highly about the competence of the participants, following certain sessions on personal assessments.

“They had a chance to participate; we broke up into small groups; we had some small group discussions, we get back and we talk about those kinds of things. We also had some personal assessments that they do with some of the handouts that they had so that they can discover themselves of where they are and where they can be,” he said.

Some of the topics covered where the myths of leadership, how to be a better leader and the difference between leadership and managing.

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