Jockey issues force postponement of Horse Race

Allister Thompson

ZIZ News…Jan 8, 2013 — Treasurer of the Nevis Turf and Jockey Club Allister Thompson, on Monday apologized to race fans on Nevis for the sudden postponement of the race meet previously scheduled for Sunday 6th January.

‘We were made aware in advance that the Jockeys who normally come over from St.Kitts, would not be available for the meet scheduled for last Sunday, but we intended to go ahead with the meet because we have a few local Jockeys that we would have used on the day,’ noted Thompson.

He indicated that there were four Jockeys already lined up to do battle in the meet and with no race having more than four horses at a time, everything was still very much in place for the meet to take place.

Brem Liburd

However, just around 11am, one phone call put a damper on the proceedings. Thompson stated that at around that time, a phone call was received which indicated that last year’s top Jockey Brem Liburd, had fallen ill. ‘That changed everything for us,’ noted Thompson. ‘We knew that the fans would be disappointed but we could not proceed under the circumstances.’

When quizzed about events going forward, Thompson indicated that his Association will be meeting shortly and a decision will be made as to whether or not the previously scheduled meet will be rescheduled shortly or simply cancelled. The next scheduled meet however is the much anticipated Tourism Gold Cup, which is carded as probably the secondmost significant meet of the year and which is scheduled for Sunday 10th February as part of Tourism week 2013. ‘That is going to be a big one,’ he said confidently. ‘We expect five exciting races with some 25 horses participating,’ he said.

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