J’ouvert kicks off the 2012 street jams

Individual Mass Player
Small Axe
Nu Vybes crowd

ZIZ News…Dec 27 2012 — J’ouvert morning in St. Kitts is a time for people to party in the streets and thousands came out on Boxing Day for J’ouvert 2012.

As early as 12 o’clock J’ouvert bands kicked off the fetes in the Bird Rock, Newtown, Conaree, Frigate Bay and Basseterre areas with competing sounds coming from every side as they all headed towards Basseterre.

J’ouvert Animals and Grand Masters Hollywood, Bucaneers in neon green, Xtreme Revolution in purple, Mardi Gras Jumbies in green and yellow and Red Devils-Glow Devils in purple, red, blue and green.

Thousands of people jammed in the streets to the sounds of the first band to hit Basseterre Small Axe, Nu Vybz, Grand Masters and Kollison bands also Dj’s like Ronnie Rascal and EK played carnival and soca tunes from hi-fi systems and the Lime Silver Stars Steel Orchestra was first into town.

The bands followed the routes across Cayon Street, down West Independence Square Street, across the Bay Road, up Fort Street and down Church Street. The excitement would always peak when bands clashed on the road.

The Security Forces were out in their numbers as they took a zero tolerance approach towards all types of weapons and other gadgets as announced during the carnival. One young man was arrested for carrying an offensive weapon and another man was taken off the streets for wearing camouflage clothing in the J’ouvert Street jam.

For the people, it’s all about drinking and partying but for the Road March contenders and Jouvert Troupes it is also about winning grand prizes and titles. Road March Champ will earn $10000 while the best J’ouvert Troupe wins $15000.

For the first street activity for Sugar Mas 41, it was indeed plenty action and plenty fun.

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