Junior Achievement Trade Fair

(ZIZ News) — The participants of the 2014-2015 Junior Achievement Programme will be taking part in a trade fair this week to display their companies’ goods and services.

Executive Director of Junior Achievement St. Kitts and Nevis, Tracey Herbert said the goal of the programme is to give the students practical experience in managing a business.

During an interview on ZIZ’s Upfront, Herbert said the programme shows the students that there are multiple paths to success and not all rely heavily on academic achievements.

“The whole programme is about entrepreneurship, work readiness, financial literacy. And so, we cater for the students in the third and fourth form to help them to understand that besides having several subjects and looking forward to maybe becoming a doctor or a lawyer, at the same time there are other options out there and they can become the owner of a business,” she said.

She said this year they are focusing on themes that are environmentally friendly.

“Everybody is talking about the environment, and the ozone layer and changes and the environment and we must be able to take care of what is left so to speak, nothing to harm the environment, so that is why we have to focus because at the end of the day, we have to endeavour to teach the students how to do that and when they become adults they continue because I believe long ago, we didn’t hear much about environment and that sort of thing so that is why we have to focus on it,” she said.

The Junior Achievement Trade Fair takes place at Independence Square on Friday May 8 beginning at 10 am.

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