Junior Carnival Costumes Ready, Call for Parents to Collect

(ZIZ News) – Just days before the staging of the annual Junior Carnival Parade, that event’s organising committee is calling on parents and guardians of registered children to collect their costumes as soon as possible.

During a recent interview on ZIZ Radio, Unoma Allen said most costumes are ready for pick up.

“These are the sections that are ready to collect, rain and cloud, coral male and female, the preschool section: fairies, bumble bees, plant and flowers. For the primary school continuing plants and flowers females, butterflies, passion fruit, waves female but males, you can come on down and see if your costumes are ready. Bumble bee, lady bug and butterfly,” Allen said.

Costumes can be collected on weekdays from 9am to 5pm at the Junior Carnival Mas Camp.

“We need everybody to make their way to Lozack Road, the mas camp in the pink and white wooden building, three storeys high. Go with your receipt. You’ll be given an information package which will let you know what time and where to meet on Junior Carnival Day, December 31st, and other handy information,” she added, noting that parents should accompany their children “so they can actually fit the costumes”.

This year, the National Carnival Committee went on an intense recruitment drive to get as many children as possible registered.

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