Junior Kelly is back with his fourth VP Records album Red Pond

Junior Kelly

ZIZ Entertainment News…March 11, 2010 – The People’s Rasta, Junior Kelly is back with his fourth VP Records album Red Pond. The album features 15 new Junior Kelly tracks, with a majority of the production coming from the world famous Firehouse Crew. Red Pond continues on his mission of uplifting the people and providing positive music content.

The album begins with the up-tempo track “Celebrate Life,” spreading the messages of; love is what it’s all about and what’s the point of living if we don’t celebrate it. The first single from Red Pond is the passionate track “My African Child,” Junior Kelly professes his unconditional love and the joy that is brought on by his African Child.

The track “Nuthin’ Wrong With The World” bluntly states that the earth isn’t to blame for the various problems we are all faced with instead the inhabitants are responsible. Switching gears and embarking on the subject of lost love, Junior Kelly collaborates with Lukie D on the R&B flavored track “She’s Gone.” On “Waan Lef’ De Ghetto,” Junior Kelly expresses his torn feelings of wanting to stay in the neighborhood that he knows and loves but at the same time the conditions that make him want to leave and strive for a better life elsewhere.

The duty of man is to help one another and the strong should lift up the weak, if we as people don’t follow this Junior Kelly asks the simple question on the track “How Better Ah Go Come.” From Collaborating with Queen Ifrica on “Too Late” or Ras Shiloh on Papa’s Song, Red Pond is the reemergence of the Junior Kelly we all know and love.

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