Kare Nursing Agency Owner To Distribute Care Packages To The Elderly

Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 28, 2020 (ZIZ News): Owner of the Kare Nursing Agency, Kiesha Rawlins will be distributing care packages to the elderly during the Kare Nursing Agency’s Elderly Island Tour on October 1.

Rawlins, who is also an Assistant Nurse Manager at the JNF General Hospital, explained why she decided to host this event.

“We decided to do this because we usually have an event at the Marriot on the 1st of October every year-International Day of Older Persons but in light of the Covid we could not do that so we decided to go to the persons in the community.”

She noted that the group has so far accumulated at least 170 packages.

Rawlins mentioned that the group has enlisted the help of health centers around St. Kitts to provide 2 recipients for the care packages.

“We are not selecting we are actually targeting the health centers to get us 2 people that can walk to come and accept their packages-male and female and then we also stop people randomly and give them a package and we also have stuff for the shut-ins, thise who cannot come to us and in light of the situation we cannot go them directly to their house. So some of the nurses take these packages or family members to them.”

She added that there will be more events planned for the elderly during the month of October but currently there is the continuation of the Sunday health series discussion on care of the elderly on Sunday October 4th at the Kare Nursing Agency on Fort Thomas Road.

Persons interested in donating items can call the Kare Nursing Agency at 466-8900 or 665-1900.

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