Kindergarten Wins Dieppe Bay Primary Class Enhancement Contest

(ZIZ News) — Dieppe Bay Primary School’s PTA week of activities continued on Wednesday with a class beautification contest.

The activity saw teachers encouraging their students to decorate each class in an effort to educate while enhancing their surroundings.

Principal, Jacqueline Douglas said the beautification contest serves many purposes including enabling the students to be comfortable in their learning environment.

“We had the teachers engage in their own class beautification contest because we feel that cleanliness is next to godliness and a clean environment is conducive to higher learning. So the teachers were encouraged to enhance their classroom, make them more children friendly so that at least when the students enter the classroom they can be comfortable and feel free to share and participate and enjoy all that they are doing,” she said.

The kindergarten class won the beautification contest.

The Dieppe Bay Primary School’s PTA week of activities ends on February 7th with a PTA concert.

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