King Konris an ‘Unstoppable Force’ to be reckoned with

ZIZ News…Dec. 20, 2010 – Following a powerful performance on Saturday night at the Sugar Mill by King Konris in the Soca Monarch competition, the buzz is still in the air as to whether or not he would have been a force to be reckoned with if he had decided to take part in the Senior Calypso finals.

The four peat Calypso King won hands down scoring some 288 points out of three hundred to win the Beaumont Park Soca Monarch showdown.

Walking through the huge crowd you heard comments like “if he took part in the Senior Calypso competition, he would have won again” others said “just one more powerful song to go with unstoppable force and he gone clear” and others felt that he made the right decision to take a break.

However, according to commentators at the show, King Konris has proven time and time again that he is an unstoppable force when it comes to Calypso and Soca. He has also captured the Leeward Islands Calypso crown back to back and is the only calypsonian to do so from the inception of the competition.

King Konris commented to ZIZ News that he is doing something which he loves with a passion and always does his best at whatever he put his hands to.

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