King of Calle Video set for release this Friday

KingOfCalleReignsSupreme-1(Sports Page) — Huje Elliot, a member of the KING OF CALLE support crew, was bubbling with joy on Tuesday 27th January as he revealed some really exciting news:

The KING of CALLE video promotion will be released on Friday 30th January.

The creative masterpiece has been in the works since late last year and Elliot indicated that shoots were mainly done at two locations: The home of the owner, Gavin MOON Clarke which is located at Church Ground and at the St.James’ Raceway, the home of Drag Racing on the island.

He noted that video recordings were done showing the crew in preparation phase as they prepared the car for an event and there are also shots of the numerous fans who showed up to lend their support for the project.

Naturally, the most exciting part of he video, is to see the majestic race car ‘burn’ some tyres on the track.

Huje Elliot sings his original musical track on the video which is a tribute to the KING of CALLE.

Additionally, Elliot revealed that the KING of CALLE crew will be coordinating a jouvert troupe for this year’s Culturama activities and is inviting all and sundry to be a part of the excitement.

He is also committing to releasing three songs for the road this year as well.

The music video will be released on you tube and Facebook from about 2 pm on Friday and later that same evening during the NTV channel 8’s newscast.

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