Konris Maynard to pursue legal action against attack on character and reputation

By Devonne Cornelius

Basseterre, St. Kitts, Jan 17, 2024 (ZIZ Newsroom): Hon. Konris Maynard, a government minister, issued a statement on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, refuting claims made against him by political commentator Duncan ‘Big Lice’ Wattley.

Mr. Maynard stated that “all the allegations made against me by Mr. Wattley, no matter how loudly he shouts them, are blatant lies!”

In a Facebook live on Thursday, January 11, Mr. Wattley made a number of allegations against Mr. Maynard, including that the Minister owns a company that bids on public contracts and that Mr. Maynard, who has ministerial responsibility for the St. Kitts Electricity Company (SKELEC), instructed management to disconnect his electricity without notice due to arrears.

In his statement, Mr. Maynard added, “I do not hold any legal and or beneficial interest in any company, whether a shell company or otherwise, that engaged or engages in bidding for public contracts.”

He added: “The Procurement and Contract (Administration) Act governs the awards of contracts. Section 23 thereof establishes a Procurement Board, the composition of which is mandated thereunder. A review of the said section would clearly show that I am not an ex officio member of the Board and as such I am not involved in the process of awarding contracts of this nature.”

Mr. Maynard then went on to say that “as a minister of government, and in particular as minister with responsibility for SKELEC, I have never used my position to engage in any illegal, corrupt, or fraudulent practices for personal enrichment of any kind.”

Following the statement’s release, Mr. Wattley posted on his Facebook page, “Let the games begin…Remember I was a police officer…Me no fraid court house.”

In his statement, Mr. Maynard sought an apology and a retraction of the allegations within 48 hours. He also stated that he plans to pursue this case against Mr. Wattley to the fullest extent of the law.






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