Labour Minister Stresses Importance of Safety in Schools

(ZIZ News) – Tuesday 28th April was observed, globally, as World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

Federal Minister of Labour, Hon. Vance Amory, in an address to the nation on the occasion, noted the importance of government, private employers and employees implementing preventative measures to ensure occupational safety.

“Governments, private sector employers and workers must actively participate in securing a safe and healthy working environment, through a system of defined rights, responsibilities and duties and the highest priority accorded to the principle of prevention,” he said adding that, “It also requires that employers at the top, not only buy in to safety as a priority and ethical responsibility, but are willing to invest both time and monetary resources to establish the principle but just as important, it is necessary to ensure the participation of workers as a critical element in recognizing and identifying hazards; contributing to well-informed risk assessments; planning effective preventive measures and implementing prevention and mitigation measures in the work place.”

The theme of World Day for Safety and Health at Work this year was, “Join in Building a Culture of Prevention on Occupational Safety and Health.”

Minister Amory stressed the importance of safety in schools, among both students and faculty, as part of occupational safety.

He said, “The development of a culture of prevention in schools, calls for the inclusion of aspects of safety and health in the curricula in both primary and high schools. Such a programme will emphasise the importance of formal partnerships between institutions as a means to promoting Occupational Safety education and training in a well-established structure.”

Mr. Amory added that a number of public awareness programmes and other initiatives will be implemented by his ministry and the Labour Department to foster safe work environments.

“The Labour Commissioner and other members of staff at the Department of Labour will engage in a number of activities in the schools and in the business places in St. Kitts and Nevis. They will also participate in a round-table discussion on ZIZ Television and Radio on the Topic “Building a Culture of Prevention in Occupational Safety and Health.”

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