Labour vehicles vandalized

ZIZ NEWS…5th July, 2013 — Police are investigating the vandalism of vehicles owned by several LABOUR Officials last night.

Tires were slashed and windscreens were smashed but luckily no one was reported injured during the attack on the vehicles which took place during a full confidence meeting at Downing Street, Sandy Point.

The vehicles damaged from last night’s attacks are owned by chairperson of The St. Kitts And Nevis LABOUR Party, Hon Marcella Liburd; LABOUR Representative for constituency number seven Dr Vance Gilbert; and that of Mitchell Gumbs.

Minister Liburd said she feels this type of behaviour is bred from the language used on the public platforms.

She said “We are hearing all of this type of rhetoric of excitement coming from the platforms and we strongly believe that the events of last night, the vandalism last night was in response to this type of rhetoric.”

Minister Liburd says it is expected that politicians share different views but to resort to this type of action is unwarranted.

Minister Liburd said “We are calling on all political leaders to condemn violence of all forms from their platforms because politics is really about debates and we can have strong views – strong opposing views but to resort to this is totally unacceptable.”

The LABOUR meeting was held in celebration of their 18th year in office.

Officers of the Sandy Point Police Station and other special forces were on scene combing the area and assessing the damages.

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