Laptop Distribution Culminates

(ZIZ News) — The Laptop Distribution Initiative, undertaken by the Ministry of Education, continued last week with presentations to various government primary and pre-schools and daycare centres on St. Kitts.

According to Education Minister, Hon. Shawn Richards, the laptops are expected to be used by the schools’ administrative staff to improve the efficiency and delivery of education.

The new venture of the Ministry of Education began last school term, focusing on the schools in the Central Basseterre area with the aim of ensuring that the various primary schools and pre-schools/nurseries are equipped with laptops.

Both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance want to restore the computer laboratories in the various schools and ensure that the classrooms and teachers are equipped with necessary skills to use the laptops in the classroom.

ZIZ News understands that the Minister of Education also used the opportunity to tour the facilities and assess the needs of the daycare centres as well as the various classrooms and computer laboratories.

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