Launch of in SKN

KlieonJohn(ZIZ)– A new regional classifieds advertisement website has been launched in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Klieon John is the community & communications manager for

He spoke of the key features of the website.

“You register for your own profile and that allows you to search for items as well as post your own,” he said. “There’s also a mapping feature so that when you post an item for sale or for trade—or a service– you can specify where in that particular country you are. There is also advanced search so you can search based on your budget and categories. You can subscribe to an RSS feed that allows you to receive updates for every single time an ad is posted for that particular thing.”

John says allows the ordinary person to move and purchase goods and services in a safe environment.

“What Jinglads is doing is making that much easier and more convenient for people to get exposure for their goods and services. So with just a few clicks, your products are out there for everybody to see and anybody can contact you without necessarily having to rent physical space. It’s a much easier and convenient way for people to do commerce,” he said. founder and director, Laurent Fough, said that the digital market place was developed in response to a growing demand for online ‘swap shops’ targeted to locals and students.

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