LED Bulb Exchange Programme

(ZIZ News) — The Ministry of Energy will soon ramp up its efforts towards turning St. Kitts and Nevis into a totally green economy with the introduction of its LED Bulb Exchange Programme.

The programme is geared at removing all other forms of lighting from residential houses and providing LED lights free of cost.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy, Lenrick Lake explained how the initiative will work.

“We’ll have a team comprised of about 20 persons that will be visiting the households and seeking their approval either to remove the bulb or simply to exchange the amount of bulbs they have in their house for an equal amount of led bulbs. So it’s two ways we will be doing it, we can either change it if you would be comfortable with just having us change it or you can have the bulb readily available, so we will make that exchange as we visit your home. You will be asked to fill out a little form just to know that we were there, you collected x-amount of bulbs because all this is part of a data collection process,” Lake explained.

He said the first phase of the programme will be rolled out in the St. Peter’s community.

“The project will be launched in the St. Peter’s area because we saw this as the first place we would want to start,” he said. “There’s reason for that because as soon as the project is launched, we will be collecting data. So the St. Peter’s – Cayon feeder that is one feeder we would want to use to collect valuable data to see what is happening back at the power plant, whether there is a drop in the amount of consumption off fossil fuel and kilowatt hours produced. We want to look at that from here on out. We expect the project to last at least ten weeks so we’ll have ten weeks of valuable data we can share with the public what a project like this will be doing in terms of energy and energy efficiency.”

The project, supported by the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation [SIDF], will commence on Tuesday October 7th.

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