Legend’s cup produces thrillers

Sports Page—Monday 9th September 2013–An impressive crowd showed up at the ET Willet Park on the evening of Saturday 7th September to witness the continued action in the Legend’s cup hosted by the Nevis Football Association.

Game one produced the most excitement as Stones United trailing by 2 goals down up to half time, suddenly showed more intensity and levelled the score line to make it 2-all.

However, the Villa United players maintained their composure and managed to squeeze in another goal, before the final whistle sounded.

Final score: Villa 3- Stones 2

The scoreline in game two does not give a true reflection of the intensity in play of game two. The Mark Brantley Bronx United looked impressive in their brand new uniforms and commenced the game like men eager to be back in the big league. However, the SSG Strikers showed an equal amount of passion and the desire to win. The exchanges were fast and furious, maybe even leaning towards being less than friendly at times.

By the final whistle however, the SSG Strikers prevailed to be the team celebrating.

Final score line:SSG Striker 3 Vs Bronx United 1

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