LGBTI Sensitivity Workshop Ends

(ZIZ News) — Law enforcement and security personnel participated in a one-week workshop which helped to sensitize them on dealing with situations involving lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender persons and intersexes.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Vaughn Henderson says he believes through education comes a deeper understanding for people of different beliefs, different cultures and different sexual orientation.

“None of us in particular would be homophobic or practise heterosexism but we will appreciate and understand that we are all human beings and we should all understand and love and share and respect each other and that is what is going to make us a professional organisation throughout,” he said.

ACP Henderson says it is essential to apply the knowledge gained.

“I am also assured that each and every one of us here this afternoon, that when confronted with persons of different cultures, different sexual orientation, different beliefs we would have been equipped with the skills and requisite knowledge to deal with these individuals and we will not only do our various organisations proud ,” he said.

The one-week workshop ended on Tuesday.

The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force partnered with the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.

The aim is to create an enabling environment where persons would feel comfortable being themselves so they can access the services that they require to eliminate all barriers to the HIV/AIDS response.

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